Kathleen & Rodney's Wedding

As a newly engaged couple, we had an idea of what we wanted and our budget, however we did not know if we were getting value for money. We were impressed with the Universal Events Consultants (UEC) service as it was catered to us personally. Everything was presented to us with realistic expectations and nothing was hidden from Day 1.

Our wedding day was more than a dream come true. It ran so smoothly that at times we had to pinch each other to remind ourselves that it was a reality. From start to finish we really enjoyed ourselves and so did all our guests. We hardly saw the UEC team on the day except for when they were checking on us to see if we were happy with everything.

So if you are looking for a little or a lot of help with planning any event, then I recommend that you give Universal Events Consultants a call. I promise you will not regret it. We will definitely use them again for other future events.

UEC Service – Full Planning & Coordination
Photography – fdanphotography

What You Do Matter’s

In July 2015, we hosted our first Women’s and Young Women’s Workshops. Bridget and her team at Universal Events played an essential part towards the success of these workshops. Needless to say, the events themselves needed much organisation and co-ordination from my team and we all agreed that the service and reliability Universal Events provided were not only professional but greatly appreciated!

As a Managing Director I was highly impressed that Bridget and her team needed little direction or supervision. They worked discreetly and were fantastic at serving and connecting with our guests. Thank you Universal Events for your hard work and great service. It was an absolute pleasure working with you!

UEC Service – On the Day Coordination

Laide Olayinka's 25th Birthday

I sought the services of Universal Events Consultants when I was planning my 25th birthday party. From the get go the way my case was handled was professional and courteous. All the ideas of what I wanted in my party were discussed and Bridget researched and sourced the best vendors to deliver what I was looking for within my set budget. I admit I can be picky and when it came to selecting the venue, cake and sweet treats tables, Bridget was on hand always to arrange viewings and engage in discussions with the vendors. This was all done to ensure that I got what I was looking for and not once did it seem like it was a burden or task to be completed by Bridget.

All aspects of what I had envisioned was delivered on the day and it turned out to be way better than I expected. Staff from Universal Events Consultants were there all through the night to handle guests, vendors, the venue and any queries I had. I had a great time and I know this would not have been possible without Bridget and Universal Events Consultants. It was a pleasure working with her and I will definitely be using her services again.

If you are looking for an event planner who is professional and skilled, creative, timely, calm and who just knows what they are doing, I would definitely recommend Universal Events Consultants.

UEC Service – Full Planning & Coordination
Photography – bwachana
Venue – The Driver

Vanessa & Kingsley's Wedding

Kingsley and I would love to send a huge thanks and gratitude towards for all UEC’s efforts in the lead up to and on our big day. From the very moment we appointed them as our wedding co-coordinators they had been on hand ready to aid us in all our questions. UEC’s communication and planning were on point because it was a pleasant experience having team members keep us in the know of any tasks that needed to be completed in the lead up to our wedding day.

Their help was needed as there is so much we could not of done by ourselves. Having coordinators is crucial because so many I’s needs dotting and t’s needed crossing that we did not have the experience to do so.

On the day although it was overwhelming for us, UEC thoroughly stuck to the schedule (that was shared with us beforehand) and kept us and the wedding party included and informed, all the way to the end of the night. They were also transparent whilst dealing with vendors on the day. UEC continued to make communication a key point and that was testament to the success of our day.

We thank you so much for being there for us during this time as this was a new experience for us and we are so glad that you were there for the ride!

UEC Service – On the Day Coordination
Photography – Vincent Opoku and Jonathan Ellis
Venue – Froyle Park

Rhona & Mike's Wedding

We found wedding planning EXTREMELY stressful but the UEC team took total care of us. They were always fun yet professional to work with and we had total faith in their work. They worked very hard and were patient with us at all times.

Thank you UEC for catering to our every need and giving us the opportunity to have the wedding we dreamed of. You were an absolute pleasure to work with and we couldn’t of done it without you!!!

UEC Service – Full Planning
Photography – Miki Photography

Nana & Charly's Wedding

You will meet some wedding planners that can boast about how beautiful they can make your wedding but I don’t know how many wedding planners can testify to accommodating to challenges in a family. Almost a week till our wedding my father became extremely ill and as a result of this we had to change so many arrangements in order to accommodate my father such as, venue seating plans and wheel chair access.

UEC stuck by us like a family and supported us every step of the way. They remained very patient, they made sure that the we had help in every area, and we are so grateful to God for them. If you are looking for a wedding planner that can stick by you no matter the weather then choose Universal Events Consultants.

UEC Service – Full Planning
Photography – bwachana
Venue – The Waterlily Venue

Irene & Tosin's Wedding

I got married on the 23rd September, 2017. During the lead up to my wedding  I had plenty of time to organise vendors for my wedding, I thought I had it all covered. As time drew closer I became overwhelmed and realised that wedding planning was not as straight forward as expected. Bridget came to the rescue and made it such a smooth ride. Her team came to meetings with me and literally held my hand throughout the process.

The whole team made the wedding a success and elevated me from any stress or pressures that could have arisen on the day. They not only supported me, but also catered to my parents to ensure they were looked after on the day.

Funnily enough, my partner didn’t understand the need for coordinators prior to the wedding. He is now the biggest advocate for wedding planners and coordinators, sharing his experience with anyone and everyone he can tell. Thank you UEC, you are the best!

Irene, now Mrs Legunsen.

UEC Service – On The Day Coordination
Photography – Samuel Falusi Photography
Venue – Sunborn Yacht Hotel

Winnie & Ede's Wedding

I would like to thank the team at universal events for bringing my big day to life. I honestly couldn’t ask for a better team, from our initial meeting I had peace of mind that everything will run smoothly and that’s exactly what I got. They were professional, easy to contact, down to earth and funny…. what more could you ask for?

Thank you for making our day special guys are the best.

Love Winnie and Ede #Edwin17

UEC Service – On the Day Coordination
Photography – Samuel Falusi Photography